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Bill Clinton

Stand with me by John's side in this crucial fight .

Dear Friend,

As John's brother, I have been by his side through tough fights. While this campaign is one of the toughest, it is also the most important -- for our country, and for the world.

I can tell you that when the going gets rough, there isn't anybody I want by my side more than my brother John. That's what his crewmates saw in Vietnam, when their lives depended on his decisions every day. And it's what voters in Iowa and then America saw as John battled back to win the Democratic nomination last winter.

I know John has what it takes to win this fight. But he needs your help.

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Thanks to the incredible participation of thousands of Americans who care deeply about a new direction for our country, our campaign has been able to tell the story of John's lifetime of strength and service. The advertising campaign on the air is bigger than any candidate has ever attempted. Your outpouring of support has given John Kerry the means to fight back against George Bush AND to put organizers into battleground states so early.

But this is only the beginning. To win in these battleground states in November, we must stay on the air and compete with tens of millions of dollars in Bush-Cheney attack ads. In addition we need to put more organizers in the field to do the massive job of reaching out to voters one-by-one.

Please, be part of the "Road to the White House" by donating now.

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Stand with me by John's side in this crucial fight.


Cam Kerry

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