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Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 7:39 PM
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Our Plan for America

Dear Jane Doe,

The incredible energy that you, our supporters, have shown over the past five days has changed the way I'll look at campaigning forever. Since we left Boston, more than 100,000 Americans have shown up to meet us at campaign stops between Massachusetts and Michigan: 17,000 people in Scranton; 25,000 in Harrisburg, waiting until after 9 P.M. on a Friday night; 10,000 people in Greensburg, standing in the rain; another 15,000 in Wheeling. In most cases, these are the biggest political rallies these towns have ever seen.

All of that followed the greatest mobilization of grassroots power that the Internet has ever made possible: as I accepted the nomination on Thursday, our supporters made history once again by contributing an astounding $5.7 million in one day. We asked for volunteers and 400,000 of you have signed up. You have helped us kick-off the general election on the strongest footing of any presidential challenger ever.

At the convention, John Edwards and I outlined our plan to build a stronger America. This week, we are going straight to voters in towns and communities across the country. Today, we are releasing a new book, "Our Plan for America: Stronger at Home, Respected in the World," that details these plans and talks about the values and experiences behind them.

You are the heart of our campaign. That's why I wanted to offer you the first look at "Our Plan for America." You can download and read the book here:

As John and I travel across the country, we hope to see some of you along the way. For those we can't see in person, we'll send dispatches from the road to try to relate to you the energy and enthusiasm we're finding at every campaign stop, to tell you about some of the people we're meeting and communities we're getting to know, and to lay out our plan for a stronger America. Just like everyday, we want you to be right along side us fighting as we work to win back the White House.

Reaching our goal is going to require a lot of work from millions of people over the next few months. That is why I want to make sure everyone who is on board this campaign knows exactly what it is we're fighting for so we can tell voters across the country why we have the right plan for America. That is what this week's messages will be about, and I hope you can join me on this trip across America by reading them.


John Kerry

PS: Throughout the day, the campaign is posting stories and pictures from the road on our website. Join us on our trip right here:

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